The Past 100 Years in Swimwear

Take it from this Smosh writer who spent the entire weekend indoors with blinds drawn — summer is upon us. And for those of you who venture out into the sun for a swim, let’s take a look back at the past one hundred years in swimwear! 1. 1910s (source) Coverage was key. "Swimsuit" police could stop you to check the length of your bathing costume. Is Kendall bringing it back? A post shared by Kendall Jenner (@kendallworld_) on Jul 9, 2017 at 2:12pm PDT 2. 1920s (source) This photo of the Huntington Beach Bathing Beauty Pageant shows styles becoming more form-fitting, but that navel is still decades away from emerging. 3. 1930s @Historylmages look at this bathing suit competition in 1933 👙💜 — Ana Owen (@anavowen) June 7, 2014 Straps are getting spaghettier, shorts are getting shorter. It’s the roaring '30s, baby! 4. 1940s (source) In 1946, French designer Louis Reard forever changed the swimsuit game when he designed the world’s first bikini. Belly buttons everywhere screamed for joy! 5. 1950s (source) Two-pieces became more widely accepted. The tops were usually halters while the bottoms still resembled skirts. 6.1960s (source) Bye bye skirt/skort bottoms. Hello bikini briefs... sorta! 7. 1970s (source) Bikinis as we know them today have finally arrived. Cleavage, skimpy briefs, and mix-and-matching your suit were all now a thing! 8. 1980s (source) "Can we get much higher? So high!" This Kanye lyric aptly describes the 1980s ultra high-cut brief craze, which has come back in full force today. A post shared by MINIMALE ANIMALE (@theminimaleanimale) on Jun 26, 2017 at 6:12pm PDT 9. 1990s (source) I mean, what is '90s swimwear if not exclusively the Baywatch red one-piece? 10. 2000s (source) Bathing suits branch out from either one piece or two into the cut-out territory our tanlines love so much. 11. 2010s (source) Today, swimsuits are apparently a crochet harness, sequin blazer, and vaguely tribal jewelry? Okay. What type of swimsuit are you rocking this season? Let me know on Twitter @AndiHester! Contributor: Andi HesterView Count: 2Featured: Weekly View Count: 2Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitbathing suitshistorybikinswimsuitsMass images: