10 Strange but Useful Kitchen Products

Sometimes there are times where you’re doing something hard and thinking, “man, there has got to be an easier way to do this!” Well, there probably is! In fact, there are inventions for even the most mundane tasks. We thought we'd catalogue these products, starting with the kitchen. To make your cooking life a little bit easier here are some strange but helpful kitchen products! Twisted Fork (source) Ever had your spaghetti ruined because the noodles keep slipping off the fork? Well, there’s an invention for that! Go out and get yourself a spaghetti fork! Citrus Spritzer (source) You basically shove this spray top into any food or beverage to give you meals a spritz of citrus. Instead of squeezing your lemon dry and adding in pulp to your food just…spray the tangy hint on! Portion Sizer (source) We've all cooked way more spaghetti than we could eat, but this sizer can help you portion the pasta you cook perfectly. It even goes up to the size “so hungry I can eat a horse”. Butter stick (source) The butter stick is butter put into a glue-stick type tube for easy spreading! The world is truly evolving. Pizza scissors (source) Get rid of that old fashioned pizza slicer, and cut your pizza like a piece of paper. This way everyone gets an even slice and it takes way less body movement. You know you're lazy as hell! Coffee mug iron (source) Pour in some hot coffee and then use its heat to iron out the wrinkles in your shirt. Then drink your coffee as it cools down. This is just genius. Cookie Dunker (source) What you're looking at here is a container and a magnet to put inside your cup to successfully dunk those cookies of yours in your milk. Now you won’t have to pull your cookie out of your glass and sadly watch the bottom half sink to the bottom! Magnetic Tape (source) If you have a lot of metal cooking supplies but barely any space, this tape allows you to hang your knives, spatulas, and tongs anywhere! Also, if anyone ever breaks into your house, you can quickly stab them! Glass Toaster (source) Your toast will never be burnt again! Also you can make the perfect grilled cheese. This right here is a 10/10 invention that should be in every household. Something to keep hair out of your food (source) There’s probably a name for this (a headband?). But it is genius — if you don’t have a hair tie and you wanna dig into your favorite meal, here's a weird but useful solution! Which insane kitchen product are you buying? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh! Contributor: RaquelView Count: 5Featured: Weekly View Count: 5Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitweirdkitchen itemsproductswtfMass images: