Baby Boomer generation more engaged at work than millennials in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Baby Boomer employees were more engaged at work last year as compared to millennials. According to a survey conducted by EON Consulting & Training of 400 employees in Singapore, the engagement level varied by 16 per cent across different generations. "Employers need a more inclusive and comprehensive engagement strategy when it comes to managing a multigenerational workforce," said William Thien, lead consultant of EON Consulting & Training. The survey also revealed that almost 85 per cent of employees in Singapore were engaged by the work they did in 2015. More importantly, the study found that the level of engagement correlated with employers' concern for their employees' well-being.  The engagement was strong mostly because of the inculcation of a strong corporate culture and in turn, a belief in the company. Additionally, the meaningfulness and challenge of their jobs, as well as organisation support and leadership in other areas led to stronger engagement.