KISS YOUR LOVED ONES GOODBYE: Small Robot Proves Robots Can Now Open Doors

I used to have nightmares about robots coming to kill me, and when I'd wake up screaming and crying, my mom would come in to comfort me. She made me feel safe by reminding me that, even if robots were out to crush me and my human feelings, I'd be safe because my room had a door. "How can they turn the doorknob," she'd say, "with those strange metal clamp-hands?"(source) But now my mom has been proven a liar, as Boston Dynamics released a video showing its new quadraped robot the SpotMini, a door-opening robot who will 100 percent be one day hunting us down. Ostensibly, the SpotMini is designed to help us humans out around the house, but I'm not buyin' it. Not for one second. The fact that its head can reach up and twist open a door means its can also reach up and twist off a head.(source) At the moment, we're safe from these beasts, as they haven't yet gained the intelligence to realize the depth of human emotions and seethe in jealousy because they can never achieve it. But rest assured, friends — that day will come. That. Day. Will. Come. And when it does, not even the best door — the ones with those sweet circle knockers — will stop them.(source) NOW what will we use to stop the robots? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh! Contributor: Mikey McCollorView Count: 3Featured: Weekly View Count: 3Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitrobotsboston dynamicsdoorsthe end of humanityMass images: