The 'Roses Are Red' Meme is Back To Make Your Valentine's Day Special

Today is Valentine's Day, and one of the ways people are going all out with the romance is with poems! That's right, the "roses are red" poem meme is back, with lovebirds once again taking the classic format and giving it an unexpected twist (that's usually quite). So escape the overly sentimental posts and have a few moments of snark. Here are some of our faves! 1. Roses are red, violets are blue, leave me alone. — Zendaya (@Zendaya) February 14, 2018 2. Roses are redViolets are blueSamuel L. Jackson likes anime — left at london (@LeftAtLondon) February 14, 2018 3. Roses are redFlowers will bloom — T. Kyle (@tkylemac) February 14, 2018 4. Roses are redChocolates are sweetLol remember when Ted Cruz liked that porn tweet — Super Deluxe (@superdeluxe) February 14, 2018 5. Roses are redIn all of their glory — Bucky Isotope (@BuckyIsotope) February 14, 2018 6. roses are redmy hair is blueI don't have a valentineAnd it's ok if you don't too — Jessie Paege (@jessiepaege) February 14, 2018 7. roses are redpuzzles are funif you’re staring at the void today howling ‘forever alone!’ into its depths, bones aching to the point of cracking with the attempt to connect with another human that may or may not existyou’re not the only one — Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) February 14, 2018 8. A Shadowhunter Valentine: Roses are red/violets are blue/when demons kill you/I hope I die, too. :D — Cassandra Clare (@cassieclare) February 14, 2018 9. Roses are redwhy do we call "violet" a color in the "roy g. biv" mnemonic but still insist on saying violets are blue — Rodger Sherman (@rodger_sherman) February 14, 2018 10. A Valentine's Day poem... *ahem*Roses are redIt's 2018May your videos and pixelsBe crispy and clean♥️ ♥️♥️ @YouTube — Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) February 14, 2018 11. roses are redno valentines for me — jam (@JamieClay_) February 14, 2018 12. Roses are redViolets are blueAre gross generalizationsWhich do not account for species diversity — Glen Weldon (@ghweldon) February 14, 2018 13. Roses are redTrees provide shadeTalk to me about bitcoinAnd you won't get laid — aloria 🦔 (@aloria) February 14, 2018 14. Roses are redViolets are blueSunflowers are yellowTulips come in all sorts of colorsSo do rosesI really like flowersDaffodils are also yellow — Thomas Sanders (@ThomasSanders) February 14, 2018 15. Roses are red, You have beautiful eyes... — Overlord Raven (@JagexRaven) February 14, 2018 16. roses are redviolets are blue — Michal (@Miexriir) February 14, 2018 17. roses are red violets are blueour country is being run by an egregiously racist sexist lunatic — Sarah Beattie (@nachosarah) February 14, 2018 18. Roses are redWe all agreeCybertron and all its moonsBelong to me — Pablo Hidalgo (@pablohidalgo) February 14, 2018 19. roses are redviolets are bluei should pay my student loans this month but — Gabe Gonzalez (@gaybonez) February 14, 2018 20. Roses are redViolets are blueAh, Superintendent Chalmers!I've been expecting you! — David Bednar (@ykarps) February 14, 2018 21. roses are redviolets are blue — heath (@heathdwilliams) February 14, 2018 22. roses are redviolets are blue — 🔪 (@bleuvaIentine) February 14, 2018 Contributor: Desi JedeikinView Count: 2Featured: Weekly View Count: 2Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitvalentine's dayroses are redmemeMass images: