Spring raptor migration at Tam Dao

Last year I (Tom Kompier) had quite a good day at Tam Dao for raptors (see the blog entry) on April 10. Last Saturday (April 8) the clouds above Hanoi seemed ready to dissipate around noon, so I drove up to give it a try. At first not a lot seemed to be happening, but after an hour or so harriers started moving, and soon I had a male Pied Harrier accompanying 4 Eastern Marsh Harriers. A little after that a large pale raptor appeared that had me puzzled for a while, until it finally dawned on me it was a Short-toed Eagle. A very rare bird in Vietnam indeed. The field guide only mentions it as a vagrant from Annam. But there it was. It turned into an eventful day after all.Below the totals (12.30 - 17.00, from the Belvedere Resort): Eastern Marsh Harrier 34Pied Harrier 4 (3 males, 1 female)Shikra 1 maleJapanese Sparrowhawk 6+Chinese Sparrowhawk 20+Eurasian Sparrowhawk 2+ (and about 15+ unidentified)Jerdon's Baza 17Black Baza 50 (one group)Oriental Honey Buzzard 15+Grey-faced Buzzard 3Crested Serpent Eagle 5+Osprey 1Kestrel 1 (resident?)Crested Goshawk 2 residentPeregrine 1 resident I also made a few record shots:Short-toed Eagle Pied Harrier, males Eastern Marsh Harrier, male Eastern Marsh Harrier, femaleChinese Sparrowhawk, malesFlock of Black Bazas