5 Musicians Who Somehow Starred in Their Own Video Games

Rock stars are obviously the coolest people in town, smashing guitars and throwing fax machines out of hotel windows or whatever they do. What's a little misguided, though, are their attempts to cash in that cool factor and star in their very own video games. More often than not, those ego-driven pieces of electronic entertainment turn out to be the scientific polar opposite of cool. And to prove it, here are five truly ridiculous games starring musicians. Aerosmith - Revolution X(source)I pumped so many tokens into this machine that the voice of Steven Tyler barking "DON’T GIVE UP!" is now etched in my brain. Revolution X is a relic from a bygone era when butt-rock bands like Aerosmith were the perfect picture of anti-establishment anarchy. In fact, that was the starting point for this weird post-apocalyptic shooter. You could even launch explosive CDs! Now if only they could get a gritty reboot where we see Mr. Tyler strangling people with his big ol’ pink scarf as a garrote. Motley Crüe - Crüe Ball(source)Love Motley Crüe? Love digitized pinball? Then I bet dollars to donuts that you don’t exist, because that’s a Venn diagram that has never once been drawn. What’s even better is that this game was originally supposed to be called Headbanger Ball, but MTV (the network that aired Headbanger’s Ball) put the kibosh on that. I just love the image of MTV execs doing the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag at these poor pinball designers. NO, NO, NO. Thompson Twins - Thompson Twins Adventure(source)You absolutely do not remember who the Thompson Twins are, but the Brit-pop sensations had their very own video game all the way back in 1984. In it, you'd gather ingredients for a potion in a quest based on their song "Doctor! Doctor!" and... uh... that’s kind of it. Once the titular doctor puts together his magical elixir, the game ends, leaving you with lasting dreams of those wonderfully lifelike graphics you see above. Queen - Queen: The eYe(source)Even for its time, the graphics of this Queen-starring vehicle were rough. The dystopian plot had a few elements quite similar to The Running Man, and dammit, now all I want is a video game featuring Freddie Mercury DOING the running man. I really need to stop getting derailed like this, it just gets my hopes up for wonderful games that will NEVER happen. Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style(source)Back in the wonderful decade of the '90s, a game called Thrill Kill was nixed for being too dark and violent for public consumption. Also, it wasn’t that good, but all the same, the engine was re-used for a game based on the Wu-Tang Clan. And that game was a four-person martial arts fighter, no less. But in defense of Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style, it’s the only game where you can decapitate someone as a rapper who would go on to be known as Big Baby Jesus. So... there’s that. Which country singer do you wish starred in a first-person shooter? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!Check out 6 Musicians Who Failed To Break Into Films! Contributor: Tyler DavidsonView Count: 1Featured: Weekly View Count: 1Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitvideo gamesmusicmusicianswu tangMass images: